Depthless – a poem

How thin lies that veil above the deeps?

Godless realms shrouded in the dark,

Where the eyes of man can barely look

For the dank that screams in silence.


In perpetuum crawl the things of the deep,

Unholy horrors without names, ever unseen,

Separated by the most sere of layers from our

World and all that we call home, festering.



Ritual by Rote – a (longer) poem

Disturbance of the aether mayst spell doom

In the temple hall where breed thick and viscous

Smokes and mingled blood of a century

And more besides, priests with hassled robes,

Vestments of sordid rituals held as example.


Questions go unheard, ideally, at best, lest

The Watchers hear what a hierarchy wishes for

None to speak of, voicers of dissent stormed

Upon for beliefs, singular ideas surprisingly shared

Amongst a populace afraid to opinions voice.


In the smoky halls where dusty throngs gather,

Of silken robes and wizened faces, hidden lives

Lived inside of coverings, there arrives another,

Ruiner was their secret moniker, known by malice

Maleficent with inside eyes long darkened.


Determiner – a poem

Determination in the desert of inspiration

Drives forward that artistic spirit, poets

Pushing onward past succulents, cacti

Like spiky gods with hallucinogenic eyes

Staring through dusty winds; the journey.


For all the efforts expended there lies reward

In the travelling, the push to express, be

Recognised and do all despite those dire

Afflictions of body and mind that came before,

Still here, now a driver rather than a dry limiter.


Storm Pearl – a poem

On past lapping shores of flaming lakes that

Make dance shadows of daemoniac horror in

Obscenity pure, without censure or twist, ulterior

Motives, all points plain and to be seen, darkly



Above ground, away from these lakes of fire,

Roiling clouds of sulphur boil from volcanoes,

Spewed forth aside from rain clouds, distinct

For their choking clamour and teargas effects



In the midst of deathly pallors and odd dreams

The world of serenity lies as a pearl formed

Amid the swirl of solar storms, mad auroras

Dancing upon surfaces poised, micro world