Unmaker pt 132 – poem series

UNMAKER 132 Tragedy in ignorance is visible from without only, and we three turned from What blood oily betrayal had accomplished, stretched out below in chaotic Impossibilities intertwined haphazard along leylines lost to learned scholars Long ago. Fathom it we had not, but traverse it surely we'd won to at last Here enter the darkness,... Continue Reading →


Ignoble Ends – a poem

IGNOBLE ENDS * Ignoble ends strangely sought after during apparent nobility, Conflict blurs lineation across class and collusion, expiration from Above and by the pale cloud that rolls forth. Ignominy rears A dark head, bristling with broad notions of fear all the more Deadly to behold and brutal to be buried by; open mouths gaping... Continue Reading →

To The Magi – a poem

To the Magi * Ageless creature with wondrous sight, tell of what thou mayst see, By thy long, lank locks and tangled beard I bid thee speak thereof. For dankly dwelling magi hast known the province of thine arcana Only, rare to happen upon and rarer still to find after dire seeking, Whether with one’s... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 131 – a poem series

UNMAKER 131 In their trapped attitudes bound to dead ritual, these spirits walked forth Down the way we had come, through interrupted travels amidst turning Wastes. I had seen the figures of aethereal wisdom winding from hearth Of still solitude to fallen divinity, to unduly prolong the ephemeral, fleeting To exist in brief brilliance. Without... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 130 – poem series

UNMAKER 130 Here there were no horrors to harass our weary souls, haggard bodies Tested by fell legions untold in the eternal city below. A wonder to walk Without being ever accosted. Flickers snaked from the dark aperture Granting access to the Tower, white and wispy, gathering to full spectre Shapes with symbols of holy... Continue Reading →

Muse of Delirium – a poem

That I had a mind to tell my tale with I wanted for, Yet mind mattered little then as electric fire grew Behind my eye, born in a belly hotter than mine, But also from myself thus formed, the fruits of fall Blooming as I cowered even at painful dull impulses. * Never the speed... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 129 – poem series

UNMAKER 129 Invisible from early castle approach, the Tower stood above ringed clouds For the most part, crowning piece upon which this eternal horror revolved, The story laid bare at last. High poked the edifice to heaven's belly, walkways Markable at regular intervals, man-size balconies should one seek to gaze Out and down upon infinite... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 128 – poem series

UNMAKER 128 “Before long bizarrerie reigned supreme, bloody, uncontained, streets Littered with praying monstrosities, preachers of the demon gave vile sermon While King-Emperor's court fell apart, another casualty in hubris' valiant course To repay wrongs. Distance unfolded also, the Wheel's halt here seeming Weirdly to twist walls and world, apertures to other worlds then opened.”... Continue Reading →

Vigour – a poem

A sense of vitality returning, the promised run through creationary impulses Led by a nearly limp hand into forests where trees, taller than fabled giants, Rise to high canopies of dark shadowy crevices… A shift in aims, refraction And diffusion of intents pulsing to fill voids where before lay supine wisps Of sorrow fed into... Continue Reading →

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