Misguided – a poem

Whispers of the long dead suffer silently

For wants of their former lives, those

Shouts of the entitled living call harshly;

Streams lost amidst the clamour for more.


Belief subliminally given to a cause

In which deception plays a great part

To draw more than is its lot appointed

Is yet just a propped up, sordid loyalty.




Dystopia Rising – a poem

Follow the cues, roll with it all,

Those notes to say ‘we are here’

Guide us onwards, the rails switch,

Trick and track to stay on course.


Societal patterns and games sold

To the highest bidders prosper under

New plans and billboards outlining

Those hopes for a dystopic route.


Hopes and fears, yet did we plan

For the future powering down

Upon our bewildered, individual

Heads? Lined up like dry stalks

For a casual catch-all ending.


Caramel Layers – a poem

Moments of feeling amidst the land

Of dank surroundings remind me

Anew of those underlayers, caramel

Oozing joy ready to seep through

Cracks of this burgeoning experience.


Was such considered before? Through

Those long days and drawn years sold

Under the umbrella of unctuous striving

Without reference, always with judgement

Against the world’s pained and appalling



Societal Eyes – a poem

Eyes of old societies and outdated cultures

Watch through swarms of flying insect lies

Risen from outmoded piles, heaps of customs

Dead from being rewritten over centuries.


They judge for they have eyes to judge with

Yet despite the Word they recognise not

Their own moral horror, hypocrisy held

As a banner with which to ward off corruption.


Assuming the Mantle – a poem

Points of responsibility taken, assumed

For want of no other willing to be that

One who stands, to whom the questions

Are laid as unto the rays of dank stars.


Trials like that of singular shoulders

Weighed down upon by personal

Merit, individual integrity, those points

Of our struggles more than identifiers.


That so many see curiousity instead

Of what we hold to valour, our honour

Ignored for blaise social commitments

To an ideal that we long ago disavowed.