Societal Eyes – a poem

Eyes of old societies and outdated cultures

Watch through swarms of flying insect lies

Risen from outmoded piles, heaps of customs

Dead from being rewritten over centuries.


They judge for they have eyes to judge with

Yet despite the Word they recognise not

Their own moral horror, hypocrisy held

As a banner with which to ward off corruption.



Assuming the Mantle – a poem

Points of responsibility taken, assumed

For want of no other willing to be that

One who stands, to whom the questions

Are laid as unto the rays of dank stars.


Trials like that of singular shoulders

Weighed down upon by personal

Merit, individual integrity, those points

Of our struggles more than identifiers.


That so many see curiousity instead

Of what we hold to valour, our honour

Ignored for blaise social commitments

To an ideal that we long ago disavowed.


Dystopia – a poem

Dystopian rules, unexpected

Have arrived a’right outta

Nowhere but that mad development

Lying inside the human soul,

Driving call to newer heights.


Technology moves so fast, so

Dank these moves that reflect

All the lines of human condition

In stations blurred by tension

Tangled by the new thoughts: blend.


High rise Hiltons, the liquor

Which lubricates ever present all

The way, nose candy up here too

As the urban big beater gangstas

Aim for a life beyond what breathes.


Truth cuts harder when we see

With eyes clearer for confusion

From all those screens, blazed

Up in the bloodshot retinas, flags

Ignored in the new tech high rising.


Timid Morality – a poem

​Long have I thought myself past

That timid and lying morality,

Self deluding and possessive

Of all futures and possible past.


The now shows that though I may be

Past such things, the owners are not,

Strains of prejudice making rules

For themselves, new ones for others.


“We are all one.” they say, loudly,

“Oh, but not those, they belong not.”;

With one hand all is well, beneath

The other lies an enduring hell.