Somnolence – a poem

To slip into sweet somnolence, unconscious
And thrilled into submission enthralling
As one rides opiate bliss, away from pain,
Away from light, down all corridors
Of mind, soul and sorrow forgotten…


Silent Storm – a poem

Storm art, sound thy lovely refrain in sighs

From the tense nerves of a form filled

With pressures found in calm violence

That tear and rampage, ravagers inside

A macroscopic world, storm of pain.


The struggle is real, multiple locations make

Too real the swirl of aches, vector points

Converging in synergistic trifecta turbulence

To drain all power from mind, thought,

The form struck down and dumb, silent.


Body Cage – a poem

For those processes necessary to life

We are held enslaved, confined in time

Like puppets consigned to fates inexorable,

Inevitable, their nature illimitable, unchanging

Apart from the dire and disastrous, drowning

In our own excesses to be free from breathing,

Processing all that which keeps us alive,

Free to be bound in chemical chains; survive.


Pain Has a Name – a poem

Who would have thought so much could wait,

Slumbering beneath the skin?; slow explosions glow,

Erupting along muscle ripples, the secret name

Unknown until the guest has settled, unwanted,

A home made like wasps honeycombing



It pulls from tendons stretched to itching point,

Nerve impulses blended in with blazing dumbness

To align all corridors of the mind, inveigling into

Cracks, crannies filled to bursting with the effluvia

Let loose, burning amok in patterns without



Benumbed – a poem

Numbly resides this finger upon my hand,

No tingles nor sparkles light up the nerves,

Dead inside and they wonder where lies

The feeling, the sensations, now numbly

Made snow.


I made the choice and sensory darkness

Rules this fingertip, the tingles spreading

Back from beyond a periphery of experience

Down the arm, into the hand, bright pain

Flares alive.