WASP – a holiday musing

Greetings. Today I break with the usual programming to bring you something different. Instead of the usual poetry (or cheeky vape ting), today's post is on something else. On holiday in Portugal for the 2nd time with family, I have taken the opportunity to photograph the graffiti when I can. This graffiti is salient because... Continue Reading →


Drill Time – a vaping journey

    Greetings. So I have been busy, apart from the usual one poem a day. I adore updating this blog daily, it helps provide a sense of structure. As to the above... Well, I've lately branched out even further into the world of DIY vaping. One of the reasons is money now that I've... Continue Reading →

Bathsheba – a poetry preview

*** Greetings. Today I am bringing to you a piece which some of the readers from my previous blog may recall. It is only a little piece of the first part, edited slightly for grammar and presentation. The work is 23 parts long so far, written in August of 2013, telling the story of a... Continue Reading →

Vision of a Hero – a musing

*** Greetings. Sometimes of an evening I like to venture out into the garden for a vape, giving my room a chance to become clear of the vapour. 😛 Now, where I go to vape in the garden is riiiight at the back, behind a rather tall shrub/tree and next to a wonderful array of... Continue Reading →

Recovery – a musing

*** Greetings. Still surprisingly tired. Our original 2225 2nd June flight was delayed until 1am. We did well to stay upbeat and active. Follow that with a 2.5 hour car journey back to Birmingham and we were beaaaat. 12 hours of sleep have not made much difference. :p Still, carpe dizzem. Raviera.

Gdansk Day I – a holiday

Greetings. With Inner Circle friends in Gdansk, Poland, we take off our masks. People ask what we're doing in Gdansk...being ourselves is the answer. Oh! And art experiments. Videos, photos, blog work, joint projects between us all. Some interesting things are coming... Enioy. Raviera.

Twisted Wire II – a vaping journey

Greetings. As with yesterday's post please be advised that the following concerns vaping and there will be plenty of technical jargon. * Cheered by the success of my DIY twisted wire yesterday...I decided to get some thinner, higher resistance wires to play around with. Yesterday's 2nd wire came out with resistance too low for any... Continue Reading →

Casual Photo Art – an update

Greetings. One day, with Betty of this blog, I went exploring in the woods and took a number of shots. Here's one! Following a quick edit, though. I had been planning to do a whole post with multiple shots...but, you know, time, LIFE, all that stuff. Currently cranking out 2 or more poems a day, which is... Continue Reading →

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