Recovery – a musing



Still surprisingly tired. Our original 2225 2nd June flight was delayed until 1am. We did well to stay upbeat and active. Follow that with a 2.5 hour car journey back to Birmingham and we were beaaaat.

12 hours of sleep have not made much difference. :p

Still, carpe dizzem.



Gdansk Day I – a holiday


With Inner Circle friends in Gdansk, Poland, we take off our masks. People ask what we’re doing in Gdansk…being ourselves is the answer.

Oh! And art experiments. Videos, photos, blog work, joint projects between us all. Some interesting things are coming…



Twisted Wire II – a vaping journey


As with yesterday’s post please be advised that the following concerns vaping and there will be plenty of technical jargon.


Cheered by the success of my DIY twisted wire yesterday…I decided to get some thinner, higher resistance wires to play around with. Yesterday’s 2nd wire came out with resistance too low for any of my devices to safely fire.

Ohms Law: very similar to a water pipe. The thicker the pipe the easier the water flows, while the thinner pipes make it harder for the flow. Same for vape coil wire.

So we begin with actually making the twisted wire itself. Today I’m using 26 gauge Nikrothal (generic name for Nichrome, I believe) and 32 gauge Kanthal, which is verrry thin. Hooking the wire into a clothes peg and pen allowed me to twist it until the wire snapped.

I had to clamp out the kink just off centre. Then I wrapped the coil, by hand this time, having noticed that my coil jig doesn’t do so well with my twisted wire.

Above is a spaced coil with an inner diameter of 2.5 millimetres. Remember, more surface area = more flavour. Yesterday’s coil had the wraps touching but I wanted to space them out today, see if it made a difference.

Dual coils installed and gently worked to ensure they glow evenly from the inside out. Resistance comes out at 0.32 ohms. The difference the thinner wire makes in resistance means that I can do a dual coil setup in comparison to the single coil yesterday.

Wicks placed (I messed up a lil bit on my ‘outside device’ and it’s leaked slightly; still learning.

Wicks tucked in (after fluffing the ends I tuck from the back and then the front) and juiced. Today’s juice is Trap Queen, by Nasty Juice, a wonderful strawberry with a hint of mint. Gorrrrg ❀

Let’s see how it vapes πŸ˜‰

That…is a wonderful vape. 52.5 watts (:

And I made it all myself!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I haven’t had to add more juice yet and I’ve taken a LOT of inhalations. Success!

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t worry, there is more poetry on its way, that is what this blog is primarily for. I haven’t forgotten about the final part of The Wolf’s Lair πŸ˜‰ I have a few videos I’m working on as well, which I can upload soon, hopefully.


Twisted Wire – a vaping journey


I will say this from the outset: this post is aimed at vapers and about vaping, there will be a lot of technical terms. Apologies to my regular poetry readers.


I quit smoking back in August 2014 and it has taken me 3 years to get to the point of making my own vape coils.

Now, for novices, vaping works by a piece of coiled wire with e-liquid soaked cotton wrapped through/around/in it. The wire heats up and vaporises the liquid, producing the vapor. Beginners will buy premade coils to put in their device, whereas others will make their own coils.

Which is what I have finally learned to do! πŸ˜€

I’d been building for about 4 days and already wanted more advanced stuff. So I twisted two wires together to increase surface area; this equals more vapor, and takes more work.

23 gauge nichrome wire twisted with 28 gauge kanthal; kanthal is the most popular coil wire. The actual wire was harder to work with, but that’s good because it *should* last longer.

Each coil has a resistance, measured in ohms, and the lower the resistance the more power you can put through it.

The finished coil below has a resistance of 0.12 ohms, which is quite low. I’d been planning to do 2 but this is all experimentation. And saving money, because 5 premade coils cost like Β£15.00, while wire and cotton costs about Β£7.00 and will last for months instead of just 1 month.

I then installed it on my Peerless RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) by Geekvape, and adjusted it. Well, shaped it. It’s been soothing to learn how to do this. Akin to a blacksmith shaping metal on an anvil, it takes time and patience, adjustments learnt by doing.

Pulsing the coil red hot allows for shaping with ceramic tweezers, lightly strumming it, and adjusting until it glows evenly from the inside out, as shown below.

Next, the cotton wick, which I’m still getting used to. There are innumerable methods for doing this.

Thennnn…time to juice it up! I’m using Gallywix by Goblin Juice. Don’t know what the flavour is exactly but it’s sweet with a nice hint of tartness.

Finally, time to vape on this homemade sucker! πŸ˜€

59.5 watts and I’ve not had to add more juice since initially dripping it on. Maybe I’m getting the wicking right at last? Dunno. Time will tell. (:

Thank you so much for reading.


Casual Photo Art – an update


One day, with Betty of this blog, I went exploring in the woods and took a number of shots. Here’s one! Following a quick edit, though.

I had been planning to do a whole post with multiple shots…but, you know, time, LIFE, all that stuff. Currently cranking out 2 or more poems a day, which is awesome. Having the WordPress community support has been amazing. (:

I’ve gone from writing both prose and poetry to just poetry. As much as I adore prose writing, it causes me too much physical pain to sit and write long prose these days, so poetry on my phone has become an important facet of my art.

Thanx, everyone (:

There will be much more to come.


Pt 1 – A Treatise on Pain – various observances and obsessions

21st April 17 16 23
Therapy was good yet difficult. We dive deeper and it is similar to having a series of massages. With further sessions you are able to go deeper into the muscle tissue and they start to really loosen up. It feels much the same as with therapy, and I described it in the first instance like reopening old Scars, and it is like that but the more sessions I have the more it accelerates. It’s a gradual progress and parts of it were locked up for a great length of time.

I can almost kind of feel the scars being made again, but of course I wasn’t self harming then so… um… I can feel the build up because I started cutting after school in college, so is like it was like a reaction after all that had happened in those five years. Soon we’ll arrive at one of the points where I examine when I first started making the scars.

 I will be feeling them reopen, perhaps, as more memories are brought forth from the dank murk.

Such is the mercurial nature of pain.

Colour of Madness – a poem

Dilemmas in facing forward and falling

Backward, tipped over edges barely known

Till one falls far over, trips, tumbling

Into abysses disavowed by the right gods,



The evil of trivialising great deeds,

Casual reticence and usual humdrum,

That wonder in worrisome minds mild

Mauve peeking from behind bollards



A hue of no nameable shade, you are

The colour of my madness, noir bitter

And near colourless, putrid vodka burned,

Danker than ever need be, yet rare dank



Wake me, a tongue laced with poppy latex,

The kiss of death and numbness, eros abandoned

While thanatos runs rampant, a’roam for

Wants and always a’wont to be death itself,



Dreams cannot tell any parts of your story,

Gifts given in grave days scratch surfaces

Sorrowful with decades old weights, heavy

Creatures singing of my madness inside, let