Home – a musing

All journeys have an endpoint, a final part, and now I embark on this one. Approximately 2 weeks in Portugal were followed by the scattering of my grandmother's ashes in the river. She was named for one of India's rivers, after all. 2 trains will take us back to Birmingham, then a bus to home.... Continue Reading →


Running Out – a musing

*** Greetings. Today I write of a strange vitality, the harsh wonder of experience. I am running out of painkillers, in a manner I had not anticipated, and while on a family holiday. Having misjudged my situation I now have 7 Tramadol remaining. Aching from various mental stresses the day before yesterday (yes, mental stuff... Continue Reading →

WASP – a holiday musing

Greetings. Today I break with the usual programming to bring you something different. Instead of the usual poetry (or cheeky vape ting), today's post is on something else. On holiday in Portugal for the 2nd time with family, I have taken the opportunity to photograph the graffiti when I can. This graffiti is salient because... Continue Reading →

Recovery – a musing

*** Greetings. Still surprisingly tired. Our original 2225 2nd June flight was delayed until 1am. We did well to stay upbeat and active. Follow that with a 2.5 hour car journey back to Birmingham and we were beaaaat. 12 hours of sleep have not made much difference. :p Still, carpe dizzem. Raviera.

Gdansk – an end

Greetings. Returned to Birmingham at last after a long journey. We laughed, we carrolled, we shot. The creative group holiday is the future. Proper image orders and musings later, just a selection for now. Enjoy. Raviera.

Gdansk Day III – a holiday

Greetings. Ahhh. So we arrive at the last day before a night time flight back to Birmingham. So much done, the time has passed so quickly as we lived in each other's pockets. A great deal of artistic material to sort through! :p Enjoy. Raviera.

Gdansk Day II – a holiday

Greetings. The adventures continue in Gdansk with our party of 4. Wandering around the Old Town, food, the water, a ride on 2 different pirate ships and a surprise beach visit! Enjoy. Raviera.

Gdansk Day I – a holiday

Greetings. With Inner Circle friends in Gdansk, Poland, we take off our masks. People ask what we're doing in Gdansk...being ourselves is the answer. Oh! And art experiments. Videos, photos, blog work, joint projects between us all. Some interesting things are coming... Enioy. Raviera.

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