Struggle – a poem

STRUGGLE Segue of time’s arrow draws from soon begun events into Each that follows, foundry fettered by lures in spatial fabric, Bubbles bloated in temporal existence. They float, as drawn Faces on trembling water, outriders stamp ripples through Intricate designs that little hold against the disturbances. * We seize and sally, opportunities found by covert... Continue Reading →


Body Cage – a poem

For those processes necessary to life We are held enslaved, confined in time Like puppets consigned to fates inexorable, Inevitable, their nature illimitable, unchanging Apart from the dire and disastrous, drowning In our own excesses to be free from breathing, Processing all that which keeps us alive, Free to be bound in chemical chains; survive.... Continue Reading →

Pain Has a Name – a poem

Who would have thought so much could wait, Slumbering beneath the skin?; slow explosions glow, Erupting along muscle ripples, the secret name Unknown until the guest has settled, unwanted, A home made like wasps honeycombing Cake. * It pulls from tendons stretched to itching point, Nerve impulses blended in with blazing dumbness To align all... Continue Reading →

Vitality – a poem

Vitality of this order strikes Oddly as if a sword struck strange By a hammer warped from forces cosmic Cold and caustic; bright grows all. * Nerves sing in super high pitch Whines to tell me of more waiting Than I can process, duress strong To press upon what faculties are left. * Forces exogenous... Continue Reading →

Clamp Lyfe – a poem

So tight, the clamp reigns right So teeth rub, catch, wear down, Fragments scatter, swallowed, worn Down akin to cold sixes stolen From those worlds within wait Wires wrapped in nitrogen ice; Headaches and hormones run amok.

Mirror Man – a poem

Who is the man in the mirror? Smoke, fire, lines of self, blurred Forever mysterious behind that pane Polished, glass high microme shine Reflecting oxymoronic strangeries. * Those pulses beneath the skin don't show, A constant cacophony invisible, inaudible, Nerves fire, heat and laser increase, Creep on, health as lies circling, imaginary, Let the mirror... Continue Reading →

I Am My Own Hero 2 – a musing

Part 2 - The Long Search Ends   From late 2010 I developed excruciating pain in my right wrist. it was so bad that I could barely think. I reached for as many painkillers as I could, every day. I had physiotherapy, used creams, did stretches, had ultrasound to loosen it, hot water bottles, ice... Continue Reading →

I Am My Own Hero 1 – a musing

Part 1 - Heroes 2016 was the year when I discovered that I am my own hero. Undeniable fact, empirically verified by many others, arrived at by a lateral process of elimination. You always have that thought, that you're somehow different, that things are that little bit more difficult for you than others, harder in... Continue Reading →

Fragile Creativity – a musing

I need not emphasise to any artist how fragile creativity can be. It is like trying to squeeze fizzing lightning into a jar. To translate the thoughts and inspirations into something which others can enjoy, that is the key. Yet sometimes that breaks down, becomes impossible. I wrote prose for the first time today since... Continue Reading →

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