Mint Condition – a poem

Hide, hide it all away, for expression Is no more than the death of truth And the nature of man; or so we have Been told, moulded at ages younger Than we care to think back to. * Be yourself at dire risk of being Understood, your anger, wonder, hate, All are subsumed by that... Continue Reading →


21st Century Gods – a poem

If our beliefs form The deities of our age Then our gods are jealous Gods, much like yours. * Gods oft found dead, Electric demipowers slumped And limp in forgotten booths Where once were made calls to relatives. * Those figureheads of monetary missions Linger in crevices we barely consider, A lack of light breeds... Continue Reading →

Landscape of Pain – a poetic excerpt

Landscape of Pain - a poetic excerpt   Nuances, layers, leylines, Pain the beginning, the end, Experience all underlaid With tingles, stabs, shots. * Coexistent with all memories, Alpha and omega, ridealong map Of all knowledge, price tags Attached to every physical unfolding. * A supermarket extravaganza Of life, each and every movement With a... Continue Reading →

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