Dream Storms – a poem



Dreams in brooding quiet, bleed

Like perfect storms in capsules

Swirling, the eye beholds less

Than we think it may, light

More so high towers this pillar

To a darkling winter sky.


Churned earth rises in waves

Flows, cresting rhythm rolling

Within those winds, zephyrs,

Wild tempestuousness torrential

Tearing little lest it slows much

More than what gods breathing



Void Dreaming – a dream poem


Skills of detection surprise even us

On an interplanetary scale, shimmers

Warn of fields lying in wait to tell

The false ones from the soothsayers…


We knew not what awaited us when

Our party crossed those space screens

Hung betwixt worlds without names,

Rare marbles indeed, shock unabated.


For what we wished to achieve, did

We dare go further than those before?

Nay, for what might escape chains

As strongly made as the void’s dreams?

Acid Disposal – a dreamvision poem

*hastily written by moonlight in a feverish post dream state, strong, driving emotions and smells; heavy stuff*

Acid rods under the earth blaze, hissing,

Fuelled by the fallen tears of murderers

Convicted inside cold rooms without control

Of temperature, new ways of removal come

To light, underground, hands, feet, cut off.


On blaze the bodies beneath the manmade stone,

All sizes, those unseen differences markers

Of how terrible the crimes to make them were;

And I told him that these are no children,

Let loose the energy, burn the apathy from all.


Dire moonlight dares’t not shine down upon

These proceedings, the acrid steam rising,

Bubbles at hyper acidic burn, hydrochloride

Remedies formulated, applicable as we wish,

As anodyne, demon terror, or destroyer of flesh.

Butterfly Dreams – a poem

Hopes, dreams, visions of success

Flit and flutter, float from aether

Groundward from heavens rare glimpsed

And roam when down, rove along odd rails

Until found, eyes without spark, lacking



The hope of eyeful storms stored

For late days, drawn evenings,

Those eyes watching for what waits

In the fulsome forward sweep of swarms

That wash over the world, drawing dry