Insouciant Ache – a poem

For a chance at the mildest of reliefs We might risk much to gain a loss thereby In sensation, costs incurred in imbalances Experienced to offset dire sickness born Into the form, framed by a cage of compensation. * Agony as synonym for existence, pleasure Not only sought but drawn up from depths Dank as... Continue Reading →


1 An Informal

there's an electrical demon wandering in the nerves of my left arm and shoulder poking at sh*t and scraping its nails along the inside of my bones, slurping the marrow and vomiting it back out

Lake of Voices – a poem

Fey gods have forsworn this lake Of voices that harp of storm, of Rain and wind, anguish and dark lives lost To feed hunger in harmful horror For naivete to get caught, mouths Yawning, yawing, to catch, to trap Corporeal spirits unwary in crossing To find dank lapping waves  Where once lay Silent paradise.

Gdansk – an end

Greetings. Returned to Birmingham at last after a long journey. We laughed, we carrolled, we shot. The creative group holiday is the future. Proper image orders and musings later, just a selection for now. Enjoy. Raviera.

If Razors Could Talk – a poem

We reap what we sow, seeds left to sprout, Pre-destined dire dreams loom, shock doubt, Those unclean towers humbly piled, soar With darkly grasping fingers for ceilings Sorrowful from these wondering eyes of Wisdom.  * For a surplus of pain seeds may be had, Scattered, planted, flowers to grow From soil fertile in sadness, growth... Continue Reading →

Secrets of Devilsong – a poem

  Secret lives lived in the arcane dark, Roads untravelled by most but rode By many yet less than the multitude Can be more real than the external, Secret these stories, holy covenants Kept by palms sliced and over cauldrons Held for the smoke to seal and flame, Within burning flames of dreams To make... Continue Reading →

The Valley – An Offer Made – a poem

  Melancholy, maudlin and merry brought Are the mirror'd reflections as I muse Upon the darkness illimitable residing Within this slender frame, the calm surface Reflected back at me, a lie told calmly. * Nothing but health is shown, clean, bright, Hale self-assuredness, yet assured only Is the darkness living within, not A cancer or... Continue Reading →

I Am My Own Hero 2 – a musing

Part 2 - The Long Search Ends   From late 2010 I developed excruciating pain in my right wrist. it was so bad that I could barely think. I reached for as many painkillers as I could, every day. I had physiotherapy, used creams, did stretches, had ultrasound to loosen it, hot water bottles, ice... Continue Reading →

I Am My Own Hero 1 – a musing

Part 1 - Heroes 2016 was the year when I discovered that I am my own hero. Undeniable fact, empirically verified by many others, arrived at by a lateral process of elimination. You always have that thought, that you're somehow different, that things are that little bit more difficult for you than others, harder in... Continue Reading →

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