Drill Time – a vaping journey

    Greetings. So I have been busy, apart from the usual one poem a day. I adore updating this blog daily, it helps provide a sense of structure. As to the above... Well, I've lately branched out even further into the world of DIY vaping. One of the reasons is money now that I've... Continue Reading →


Bathsheba – a poetry preview

*** Greetings. Today I am bringing to you a piece which some of the readers from my previous blog may recall. It is only a little piece of the first part, edited slightly for grammar and presentation. The work is 23 parts long so far, written in August of 2013, telling the story of a... Continue Reading →

Empty Courts – a poem

A queen's court such as Bathsheba Or even Amaranthe, before the former Was deposed, replaced, and the second Forced to flee, abandonment a hard reality.   Eternal devolution of mirror aversion And those boot steps which echo hollow About those emptied halls of eternal eld, Blessed prayer bells silent, fading frail majesty.

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