Dream Storms – a poem



Dreams in brooding quiet, bleed

Like perfect storms in capsules

Swirling, the eye beholds less

Than we think it may, light

More so high towers this pillar

To a darkling winter sky.


Churned earth rises in waves

Flows, cresting rhythm rolling

Within those winds, zephyrs,

Wild tempestuousness torrential

Tearing little lest it slows much

More than what gods breathing



That Which Chains – a poem


That which chains us in this maze

Lies untold, unbared, in the dark,

Secrets shared unspoken and non-

Ultimate as constructs, strict only

Within recognition of no more than

The links that bind, invisible.


To defy, to turn from the hands

That once fed, later held back,

Is the goal confused, subsumed

Slowly in feeling, tactile motions

Moving one from the maze outward

Into the- back -arching spaces beyond.


Forceless Motion – a poem



The mad whirl of planets and macrocosm

To microcosm, spindizzy twirl and soar;

Glazed, the eyes have it, hazy and open to

See the roaring tumult of multi-faceted



Lines of distraction, routes of refraction

Expressed in forceless motion, colour

Without significance besides aesthetic,

Blissful deafness rocking abides all about



3 – The Priestess – a poem series


By flickering light the priestess sings,

Belly taut with the nutrition collected

From spilt blood of martyrs, on an altar

Kept and to harsh flaming fyre set, eyes

Rolling to demonic motions rhythm wrapped.


On flows ebb and tide of dank shores

Without name, wished for watchers or

Gods for whom thrones were once homes,

Leaving all this dark majesty to one

Witness, one arcane and unholy witch.


The god or gods to which she speaks

Her prayers are unknown to all but

Those to whom dreaded knowledge stores

Are no more than summer reading,

Hell dreams acted in her infernal pursuits.

2 – The Priestess – a poem series



Oh priestess…

Of what dark god dost thou chant

So fiercely, voice a quivering hum,

Equipoise balance in tone, stars

Frozen in orbit to hear thy call

To some enigmatic godly deity…


Libations poured as the dusk bears

Blood stained sky witness, orange

Streaks lighting more when higher

Rises the chant, boxes kept like

Portals to other worlds seen in



Beside turgid rivers ebbs and flows

The tide of visitors from other worlds

To see who or what mayst answer

The call of this priestess and her

Unwavering, indomitable alliance.