Assuming the Mantle – a poem

Points of responsibility taken, assumed

For want of no other willing to be that

One who stands, to whom the questions

Are laid as unto the rays of dank stars.


Trials like that of singular shoulders

Weighed down upon by personal

Merit, individual integrity, those points

Of our struggles more than identifiers.


That so many see curiousity instead

Of what we hold to valour, our honour

Ignored for blaise social commitments

To an ideal that we long ago disavowed.



Idle Covers – a poem

What was idly grown to cover the tension

Ever present for long years, exacerbated

By treatments, cures for chronic ailments

That are alleviations in shifting balance

Compared to wishful final measures.


With time’s passage realisation comes

That there is no cure, that this grown

Thing makes it new, a synergy more

Than form or weight may attest to for

Fulfilment of our true selves; alive in



Strange Heavens – a poem

Blazing towards a blood rusted copper sun

Neath the paling thick skies, disc of days

Risen from the shadows of night shines

Grand and bright, like a nuclear winter

Whence we harnessed the stars.


Cloud cover of Autumnal days lies

As a filter between the land and sky,

Sojourns kept separate from sand

Try spirits of the mundane humans

To reach, extend to the heavens.


Surprise Shocks – a poem

Suggestions made earn a maker more

Than they might have bargained for

In moments hazy with ideas only, genuine

Expressions met by mutual feeling, discovery

Realised after the fact, act, taken further.


In measures past those original plans lie

The fulfilment of stranger wonders, found

Like edible diamonds amongst the desert,

Nourishing like nothing else mayst be;

Fiery in ways we knew not before.


Benumbed – a poem

Numbly resides this finger upon my hand,

No tingles nor sparkles light up the nerves,

Dead inside and they wonder where lies

The feeling, the sensations, now numbly

Made snow.


I made the choice and sensory darkness

Rules this fingertip, the tingles spreading

Back from beyond a periphery of experience

Down the arm, into the hand, bright pain

Flares alive.