Time to be Daughters – a poem


***my great, great grandmother***


A time to be daughters, not mothers,

More than a coming of age, the circle

Come fully round to completion full

Wherein days have blended to months,

Years, the children now with offspring

Of their own, almost grown until

The days when they become daughters

Instead of mothers for the last again.

Skull Collector – a poem


The below poem concerns rather grotesque material, inspired by the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.



Scenes of horror in the quiet time

For moods often tried to keep obscene

With acid dissolving hopes and kidnap dreams

Against a chance to think, to collect

One’s thoughts over an altar made

Specially from the skulls of those ended,

Now kept, trophies owned by one and one only,

Secret wish granters of malevolence standing guard

Over the wants of some courtfound sane man.

Lithium Direction – a poem



The nature of old habits lies drawn

Betwixt imaginings great, too harsh

Beside simple thoughts, become pearls

Of poison kept over aeons within

Rotten sepulchres of the suffering soul



Hardest of all is the beginning amidst

What lies consuming, heavier than air,

Supreme catches snagging, butane danger

Threatening to explosions, forlorn

Wisdom telling us what should be



Trial and tribulation, try and fail,

Tactical assaults on towers of memory

Have nor will rarely survive first

Contact with enemy forces, lies

The secret language of a lithium