The Pains of Devilry – a poem

Devils dream in the blood with hard wishes

To bring down mighty plans of pained demigods,

Each touch a rarefied wire gone live in spatters

For time lived without the assistance of angels

In the dark, slumbering sequels approached

In search of knowledge and succour.


Few lie in wait to be found, let alone resolved,

The conjuration of infernal flame lost in flow,

Ebb and tidal forces of horror hail at all moments

Inappropriate, the host burdened by hate,

Boundless by degrees dealt in exponential

Existentialism; devils ever dreaming anon.



Ruinous Considerations – a poem

Sentinels of ruination stand at all corners,

Waiting for their appropriate chance to leap,

To pounce, prepared from the initial jump

With all necessary appurtenances for their



Paragons of banality ring about in rhymes

Held as staves to smash in what resists

Against the accepted boredom, made

Acceptable for the slow fuse of confusing


Tall stand the sentinels of greydom, warriors

Ready at a moment’s dry notice to appear,

From rooms where tapestries hang decrepit dusty,

Waiting to pounce, trapped souls tuned in timeless



Translation of Energy – a poem

How we wait in silence from later on,

Those early days examples of more

Boisterous energies unleashed without

Due care for casualties and exclusions.


No hesitation held in such an instance

Goes heeded well, known for what it is

Despite a lack of prior care to attend

To such mutual assurances in partnership.


Loud calls become soft caresses, slight

Brushes along the inner diameters flit

Like fireflies over nerves singing to feel

All that they can, and hungry for more,



Lonely Titans – a poem

Calls in the stone world where old bones dream,

Titanic bodies bleached by starlight turned cold

From those interstellar voids, warmth kept at bay

By those grand distances formed from stardust.


Quietly bellow those stained titans of stone

Upon their funeral pyre of burning sands,

For casual wanderers to hear, to stop by

Their infernal resting place and hear all woes.


Consigned to fiery torment of rest beneath skies

Lacking respite from a dwarf’s brutal fusion flames,

These titans lay submerged in sands far removed

From the world where they hailed, of ordinary size.


Metal Souls Adrift – a poem

Hollow ring the words of the hopeful

In those dank caverns and corridors

Of doubt, unheard for a clamour more

Dangerous than the overlords wish to

Admit of, peons lost and running amok.


In the chambers of machine horror, asylum

Of tortured metal spirits, so many bodies spill

From viscous, almost organic fluid near amniotic,

Or stay trapped within in vivo prisons while others

Strike out for success while their brethren struggle.