A Friendly Recommendation


Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed one fellow blogger popping up on almost all of my posts. Her blog is titled misstalkaholic.

Now, I love taking selfies and generally looking good so her fashion posts are interesting (we can’t always look great, alas, but we can try!), and her blog definitely has something for everyone. From culture to quotes, fashion to relationships.

Check her stuff out. (:



Exit Dysphoria – a poem

*Silence the discord*

-System Shock 2,

By Looking Glass Studios


The steps to every point of sanity

Lie as tombstones, grave markers

For neuroses temporarily beaten,

The will broken many a time

Yet more oft successful.


Let that wayward gusting wind

Settle down from its screech, not

A sough mild but rather, a cacophony

Of pathetic fallacy come to life,

Compounded in its league.


Let the bells fall silent, peals settling

To echoing slowly with final rings,

The mind calms at last, painful points

Finally subsumed, blurred by boredom;

Erase the dysphoric tome of nightmare.