New Sensations – a poem

Fresh felt when seen as newly experienced

By those to whom such delights are alien

Wonders left behind by civilisations ancient,

Known to us of old though new again now.


The spirit of mirth expressed without censure

Fires us all to greater heights, unseen for

Many a moon or year’s passing, strangely

Filling another with unbound laughter.



Simple Exchanges – a poem

How bare and sere seem these exchanges

That otherwise are rich, full and substantial

To others, the beholder owner of beauty

That appears strengthened by more in

Being of the same or similar opinions.


Pale shadows of chats and communication

Hollowly dry as nuclear dust spread on dank

Stones by social explosions themselves unseen

Yet with their results clear for all and sundry

To wonder thereat and over, half-life wreckage.


Priorities – a poem

Expenditure disproportionate to situations,

Effort expended at the wrong moments,

Forced from ideals of duty made up

Over dried, faded, customs of class

When life was slower, not as fast.


*Stomp* *Stomp* *Stomp*

Ring the boots of the gentrification

Process in and around what we call

The world and all the things in it,

Ignoring dire plights for flights elsewhere.


Why should monetary means be it,

The reason for so much effort expended?

Especially when we hold so many other

Things dear; hopes, dreams, ambitions,
Love for others and ourselves, forget funds.


Use your energy for what is important truly

Instead, rather than what dead heads tell

Us of the past and how our future should be,

Old voices crying for our doom when they

Shan’t even be here to see it fall.



Societal Eyes – a poem

Eyes of old societies and outdated cultures

Watch through swarms of flying insect lies

Risen from outmoded piles, heaps of customs

Dead from being rewritten over centuries.


They judge for they have eyes to judge with

Yet despite the Word they recognise not

Their own moral horror, hypocrisy held

As a banner with which to ward off corruption.


Fire Fading in the Maze – a poem

Maze of this world wherein we trivialise,

Assumptions made for likenesses as if

We are all the same, despite nurture/nature

Playing its devilish high part in deciding

Who we are, what we will be or not.


Steps taken and fallen over, trips made

As a running stumble when taken too

Often in the same ways, manners, trying

To reach for the new in the old places,

A fresh fire even as it tries to fade.


Something’s Changed – a poem

Something has changed, eternal shift ever

Of paradigm to new design, unintentional

Moments segue from style to fact when

We are not looking, twist and turn slightly

From the mainstays we once knew.


A tiny touch of coolness in things

Which was absent before, drawn

Into being by circumstance, natural

Motions made in life’s course, force

Of alienation badly unexpected.


Perhaps this is the way things work,

Which we do not expect to develop

Within those social storm systems, tided

Over by weathering these conflictions

Of pressure collections, cooler and calmer;

A tropical new world outside, warm.