To a Summer’s Eve… a poem

To a summer’s dusky eve do I compare thee,
Warm and smouldering spirit, curious licks
Ticking from the quieting flames as fall
The day’s exertions to night time flicker patterns;
Waxen petals adorn thee well, and succulent
Thrives the nature in knowing thee.


Players Unite – a poem

For the one who sees that stage beneath

The hair thick coverings, wrapping of mirth

That hides tension rarely guessed at, they

Breathe in the secrets, revealed on both sides.


Comparison and contrast, the game cares not

For our starter points, the play a strange dream

Wherein the logic lives as gleaming suspicious pools

To surprise and confound us, yet share together.


The madness runs deep in our spines, vertebrae

Cracked along inappropriate lines, fusing bone

To bone, tendon to tendon, faces changed

By smiles in sharing the grand madness.