UNMAKER – Part 136 – Poem Series

UNMAKER PART 136 Each door opened onto an array of alien scapes, other times Gaping, their worlds sundered, strange climes which had dreamt Briefly in Satyrn country's past incarnations. Rank upon rank Of warriors we saw lining long opposing pits, gathered for defending Madness only superceded by folly. Wisdom withered beneath blood. * More than... Continue Reading →


Unmaker pt 135 – poem series

UNMAKER 135 The provender of divinity forms from souls trapped in Time, For gods be plentiful here, proto-deities in vivo hungry to feed. Innumerable graves littering a sorrowfully tortured world Gave up spirits to concentrate and gather in a hell drawn From every corner of reality; young gods dining on dead dreams. * Down their... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 134 – a poem series

UNMAKER - PART 134 Of those who came before us we'd all known some, routes intertwined, Unconstrained in space or temporal satiety, sybaritic lusts fulfilled by all Who came of their own volition, only to be supremely lulled on a death quest. As dreams do catechise knowledge hard fixedly, we knew trouble lay yet ahead,... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Land – Pt 1 of 2 – a poem

...remembering all those who fell in The Great War... * NO MAN'S LAND Part 1 * Artefacts make themselves known through fire and famine, Stark lines that decorate decorously dark visions, strange Shadows that gather without apparent purpose. Sorrowful Numbers wondered thereat to topple the machine, grinder That calls for souls, so similar yet none... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 133 – poem series

UNMAKER 133 Prepared for desolation by my former cathedral refuge, still I shuddered to stand Beneath those web festooned eaves; bizarre bunting strung to celebrate rarefied Species of hubris. Skeletal digits curled on corners, seeming to tap in rafter Nooks and crannies, dark with long centuries left unclean, spidery shadows That nestled deep in the... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 132 – poem series

UNMAKER 132 Tragedy in ignorance is visible from without only, and we three turned from What blood oily betrayal had accomplished, stretched out below in chaotic Impossibilities intertwined haphazard along leylines lost to learned scholars Long ago. Fathom it we had not, but traverse it surely we'd won to at last Here enter the darkness,... Continue Reading →

Ignoble Ends – a poem

IGNOBLE ENDS * Ignoble ends strangely sought after during apparent nobility, Conflict blurs lineation across class and collusion, expiration from Above and by the pale cloud that rolls forth. Ignominy rears A dark head, bristling with broad notions of fear all the more Deadly to behold and brutal to be buried by; open mouths gaping... Continue Reading →

To The Magi – a poem

To the Magi * Ageless creature with wondrous sight, tell of what thou mayst see, By thy long, lank locks and tangled beard I bid thee speak thereof. For dankly dwelling magi hast known the province of thine arcana Only, rare to happen upon and rarer still to find after dire seeking, Whether with one’s... Continue Reading →

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