Unmaker pt 119 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 119 Forms with human struggle writ in every movement cavorted in the fire window, How a royal line born of exiles came to burn alive their offspring for not even secrets But merely the promise of them. Cursed by calling upon wickedness needlessly, Satyrn rulers oft prospered only to have catastrophe come rampaging... Continue Reading →


Unmaker pt 118 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 118 Into the words of the sorceress we wind, drawn by avatars of flame dancing wordlessly... Long before the regretful lord took a daunting and accursed throne, stark originality Was committed to in sin by entreating whispers rising forth from a stone mine, veins Of a troubling lustre, dull despite the brightness of... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 117 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 117 By the almost pantomime genius of the ensorcelled fire window we watched fiery brush strokes In curls of flame, ever twisting to represent the tale falling from Beatrix's lips. Crowned hunchbacks Stood arrayed about a young boy, “The royal family of Satyrn, tiny nation that once sprawled As a moderate power reduced... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 116 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 116 “Terrible men oft shelter terrifically touching stories,” began Beatrix, taking from a pouch A flask at her belt to sip some blue vapor exuding liquid, “and this tale is no exception.” One of the wizard's wrists emerged from her black dress to reach into the flames and snatch A handful. Swallowing some,... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 115 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 115 “I may hardly tell a tale before the having of names from my audience.” stated the witch, “Yet I sense the emptiness within each of you, where knowledge once resided is now a void Open to suspicion and madness.”; “You say true.” rumbled the warrior, beast helmet bobbing To accentuate the point.... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 114 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 114 “Manners are a rare thing these days.” I said, “I think we would both,” turning aside to see The jet warrior's nod of assent, “do well to hear your tale. Pray, be seated to share the fire And sip restorative sparks.”: no reply came but she smoothed her skirts down as she... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 113 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 113 “Yes, I know this place well indeed.” she said, our perspectives transformed by surprise to find Someone living with knowledge, superior to the broken pots and charred books that littered Siege surviving castle nooks. “For was I not at the Cannibal King's court for a century?” mused On she of the broad,... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 112 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 112 “Welcome,” came the witch's sonorous address, “to the Ruined Empire. Where all dreams Become fair fodder.”; the pale chin lifted to reveal a woman's face, impishly featured, cheeks Hinting at homely potions and hale cures of wisdom. “Greetings, fair wizard.” I replied, “We are The better for your presence and so seems... Continue Reading →

Unmaker pt 111 – poem series

UNMAKER PT 111 About the bonfire we held a troubling counsel over the stranger's coming and cryptic words, actions unfathomable as yet From our current perspectives. Shadows danced behind us between scored stone pillars, once squared now rounded off And their role fulfilled well yet, promises darkling in corners where our flames failed to reach,... Continue Reading →

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