Breathing Lies – a poem

Dissatisfaction in the house of the maker Breeds discord, the dys root so applicable That we’d rather not say, those half truths Flatly lie in the face of adversity unknown, Words and hearts unshed, burdened dryly By what we deem necessary, silent torture. *


Time Midst Maze – a poem

Time winds, unique perceptions changed By those illimitable factors, stresses, More than structure can account for Or would be allowed to, the highest Roads to success paved with bodies Of goodly intentions slain, their strength Taken. * We wonder where the days go to, worlds Passed on by as we sink deeper, futurity Known and... Continue Reading →

Mortal Aspirations – a poem

I tire of this game, the coils of mortal worlds, Their mores and rules, the limits of bodies Drawn from likely lots, lain in neat rows Beside their kin, these groupings of forms Keeping bound more than we wish to admit. * Tombstones of aspirations lie across long fields From the withered heaps of wishes... Continue Reading →

Sealed Forces – a poem

A story of storms inside the flesh, insects Trapped in amber, sealed forever as if By forces inexorable, held by time, kept Within a world apart, separate, microcosm Far from malleable, framed in soul storms. * ***

For Mild Surcease – a poem

For the clutch of glow, suffusing all it touches, We tire ourselves for reward, the smallest Of suns ignited within the stomach, mind Filled with the infernal fire of dying stars With flares as yet unleashed, their sojourns Still a private thing, only seen with time. *

Rainbow Ride – a poem

I saw that shimmer wave pulse backward, Rainbow colour along an alien spine, Vertebrae set in a shade like peacock’s Tails waving in heat haze summer sun, Real time push surprising for how startling. *

Bruxism – a poem

To ride the song of one’s own pains Down the winding spiral to oblivion, Handsome figure of endgame sought, Tension held in a diabolically aching face Keeps the jaw bound in luckless agony. *

Self View – a poem

Repetition in the catacombs of memory Render too much strange by familiarity To count, to rely upon, to decide for What differences exist, which separates Self from soul, body harshly disparate. *

Bonding With Demons – a poem

Subsistence on the bitterness of tried anodynes Is a reality all too common for many, opiate Wisdom told in rates of itching addiction, drawn Faces tired from the attentions of coadjutive creatures Of pain and all that it reaches, nerve deep within. * Dank dreams in the grip of absolution, delirious Wondering amidst pressures and... Continue Reading →

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