Essential Drive – a poem

Essential desire blazed and distilled, Crystals kept and fired for dreams held Within our secret hearts, hidden from all, Nevermind the world, as fires form inside Those globes, floating atop steaming hot Seas. * We wonder thereat in our dark fastnesses Of the foaming worlds which abound away Beneath what our eyes may penetrate, Realms... Continue Reading →


Storm Pupil – a poem

Among the living kaleidoscope of pain exists Semblance of serenity, somehow, oasis Such as the painfree mayst rarely guess at To be present, calm amidst screaming nerves; Centered in the storm’s whirling pupil, iris shot. *

Measure of Worth – a poem

Achievements unexpected flourish in environs Without limits imposed for what success could Mean to one or any other, succeeding for self Rather than others, measure of soul’s worth Placed in quantifiable means and appreciated. *

A Time To Rest – a poem

What threats make quake the tortured throngs Of surviving races? Consigned to fates singular, The drive for resignation vies with the will To strive against odds and fight, push ever Onwards for the slight chance after interregnum Is over, every sense honed and facility kept Sharp. *

Fetters of the Form – a poem

For a chance between where all worlds intersect, To escape through, slip as if through the glass Of wizards scrying for necromantic familiars, Darkly brooding twilight that keeps lost spirits In their own domains; let it fail and set me free, Unfettered from the flesh and binding coils Of mortal entrapment, out between the cage... Continue Reading →

In the Middle Met – a poem

In tribulations of misunderstood times lie drying The intentions of sorry souls, confused for meaning Inferred though not always felt, a split across Bridges held either side, the middle swaying At the behest of a wind howling wild and free Through the sere planks, whistling as either side Stand strong, gazes meeting in the middle;... Continue Reading →

Clockwatchers All – a poem

Time lies in containers separate and yet connected, Entangled across the various distances and worlds Which lie beside and apart astral planes on terms Lengthy as the stars turning on their axes, orbits Ocular, wobbling ever so slightly, time flying onward As we stare out and wonder to the stars, anonymous Threads in the grand... Continue Reading →

Nature of Change – a poem

Challenges undertaken despite fear lie strong Like water strokes under the wavy surface, Smooth tones belying the effort expended Beneath, every step taken with ginger care Lest the whole explode and cover over all With more dire mess than we may wish for. *

Materia Insubstantia – a poem

For the eyes which watch from inside Those warden shells of steel, unalike To stone, materia insubstantia to crumple, Pale and thin protection heralded as grand A shield as may ever be found, aegis of all That holds a protector over frightened heads. *

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