Daemonic Dreams – a poem

Those schemes of various co-adjunctive demons

Call and scream in silent waterfalls, pools collect

And ripples grow from tears spilled for equipoise

Kept and then forgotten as it is, fantasies in combs

Taken over by spirits rowdily riotous for more.


Live in monsters call across the ages of recollection,

Mated, paired in like manner to our maladies,

Travails of the small death type repeated ad

Infinitum until a predicted end of nova stars;

The cycle repeats, magnitude temporally exploded.


Even time must obey cosmic law, the great attract

While the small are pulled, eaters of suns draw

All the harder upon worlds without keepers,

Guardians to draw in the wayward meteors arcing

For new horizons, what the demons ever dream for.



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