Force of Creation – a poem

Crisis indeed lies at the core of creativity, Ever present tensions pour with distance, Bands pulled to tightnesses beyond tolerance, Held there for unknown orders from old days When the sun was a chariot god, we beholden. *


Voltage Limiter – a poem

The need to rebel against reason rides strong Despite long years of conditioning, combined With resistance ever varying, unceasingly Changing from one mode to another, low Volts and high wattage that scream to be heard. *

Equilibrium – a poem

Patterns engrained to colour the water Of futures undreamt of, lay as stones Under the surface, oozing vitriol from Pores unseen, unknown until the surface Atrophies, begins to crack and bleed. * Constant pressure lacking purpose, prized Above natural reactions or considered Responses for answers calm, measured, Yet despondence reigns from that rigidity Too long... Continue Reading →

The Host Envenomed – a poem

Cold warmth spreads as wildfire blooming From sources as yet unknown to the host, Evolution in perpetuum, only now felt As the organism becomes virus, infection Apparent in every breath, each stunted Movement. *

Perfect Flawfections – a poem

Perfection is overrated, our flaws define Us in ways we’d see not without others To observe, their patience a mirrored Reflection, pool to absorb the ripples Of our manifold inherent madness. * Rides rarely slow for us to take stock, Our surroundings fast paced, lived Through lenses tinted at times sped Past limits of experience... Continue Reading →

Stimulation – a poem

Tics come through smoke of old days To remind of what was, once and IS Come again, risen to the fore as lines Ingrained until routine, strange come To familiarly known ties, deep grooved. *  

Biohazards – a poem

Rapidity in change of states marks severity From those small leavings, become cultures Wherein breed those spores of life primordial, Seeking escape, to coalesce, to multiply. * Level 5 is the name of the game here, today, Containment with protection, culled cultures Spread strange liquids beneath the surface Of admixtures agitated until gooey clean. *... Continue Reading →

Ancient Fear – a poem

This world holds no fear for me, No markers to deter me from forward Directions, nor back pedalling onward, I have always been here, always, My understanding has eaten worlds Enough that yours is a paradise. * Let me dive into those pools so Badly seen by others, sink up to My skin and soul,... Continue Reading →

Stolen Lockets – a poem

No rush, the need to be selfish So minor a thing so as to be laid Aside with the calls of old birds In a frosty morning without pause. * Paws shiver and shake, noses twitch To see visitors and keepers, stolen… Kisses bullet points of comfort kept In heart lockets over long hidden. *

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