Priorities – a poem

Expenditure disproportionate to situations,

Effort expended at the wrong moments,

Forced from ideals of duty made up

Over dried, faded, customs of class

When life was slower, not as fast.


*Stomp* *Stomp* *Stomp*

Ring the boots of the gentrification

Process in and around what we call

The world and all the things in it,

Ignoring dire plights for flights elsewhere.


Why should monetary means be it,

The reason for so much effort expended?

Especially when we hold so many other

Things dear; hopes, dreams, ambitions,
Love for others and ourselves, forget funds.


Use your energy for what is important truly

Instead, rather than what dead heads tell

Us of the past and how our future should be,

Old voices crying for our doom when they

Shan’t even be here to see it fall.




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