Costume of Customs – a poem

Customary postures and costumes in vogue For those willing to consider them, hunched Shoulders and drawn faces, eyes filled in With despondent powder, ladies and gents Both for a millennial society partnership. *


Slide of Seasons – a poem

Seasons change and we slide With the shifting tides, colours And temperatures of new days Made shorter in darker times. * What we think is one time lies As another in all entirety strange To behold as if we were more Than people, observers on a road. * Time’s Arrow flies ever onwards Straight as... Continue Reading →

Salvos – a poem

Neuropathic, a salvo of sharp pulses Travel along their accustomed route To an unknown destination, there To end their days and away fade. * Spark and fall, pulse and stab out Down those prescribed lines dry Dying in slow starlight convoys led By forces elsewhere sore needed. * ***

Time Come – a poem

To know when to say when, rush With the crush of panic and jitters Not contained and let all loose to Run riot, unchecked without mark In keeping down those impulses. * Driving, these motives dictate us Along with our reactions messed Up by hormones and horrors all Generated in perpetuum, vying For a chance... Continue Reading →

Affirmation – a poem

Everything hurts, signs of ailments aching To be heard, to be known, pain without A cure or long term treatment options… Yet an affirmation it is still, solid steel Strength foundations, deep six’d down. * For all that passes in a year’s time, done Within that frame or sphere, measured In pieces, now as a... Continue Reading →

Old Scandals – a poem

Casual gossip shared across friends May seem more than it is for nowness, The rush of constant drama discovered To be pored over and pawed for all Tidbits scandalous despite scores Forgotten. *

Differentiation – a poem

Disbelief in joint experience, Guffaws with group assurance Alike to a mob tendency agreed With self-importance and the use Of charms granted by chance. * Dramatic stories told reflect The vicarious lives led apart From points of reference true Like dirty stars burning barely Through their dry and broken crusts. *

Deserving of Pieces – a poem

Feeling the slow change manifest From the previous life, far less Effusive, more selective now than That scattershot principle trialled Before to mixed and oft dry success. * Rarely are things given away to those Now, those who are less deserving Of this story than one thought that They would be; in theory, principle Fine,... Continue Reading →

New Sensations – a poem

Fresh felt when seen as newly experienced By those to whom such delights are alien Wonders left behind by civilisations ancient, Known to us of old though new again now. * The spirit of mirth expressed without censure Fires us all to greater heights, unseen for Many a moon or year’s passing, strangely Filling another... Continue Reading →

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