Costume of Customs – a poem

Customary postures and costumes in vogue

For those willing to consider them, hunched

Shoulders and drawn faces, eyes filled in

With despondent powder, ladies and gents

Both for a millennial society partnership.



Slide of Seasons – a poem

Seasons change and we slide

With the shifting tides, colours

And temperatures of new days

Made shorter in darker times.

What we think is one time lies

As another in all entirety strange

To behold as if we were more

Than people, observers on a road.


Time’s Arrow flies ever onwards

Straight as the course of lives

As we strive for understanding

To be and know, all surprises.


Affirmation – a poem

Everything hurts, signs of ailments aching

To be heard, to be known, pain without

A cure or long term treatment options…

Yet an affirmation it is still, solid steel

Strength foundations, deep six’d down.


For all that passes in a year’s time, done

Within that frame or sphere, measured

In pieces, now as a whole looking back

Upon the life led from nervous reactions

To active proactions ahead of time.