Squawking Cries – a poem

For the hypocrisy that has been Ever a constant background series Of noises loud and squalling, horror As doors ever open as we walk Past, questions asked without waiting For the answers dying to be spoken. * Those calls of religion are harsh To hear so often, strict regimes With stricter rituals that are Apparently... Continue Reading →


Of Many Worlds – a poem

Change from one world to another Makes changes unplanned for, nor Thought of so long ago when they Left those lands where the sun Made us as dark as we are now. * Assimilation, cultural integration With new places and faces met In strangerous days, is now familiar, No more foreign as twas to those... Continue Reading →

Enfold & Forget – a poem

To enfold and forget, worries of old days Left behind to rot, winsome future pasts From secret sconces come round, at last The truth in reality supercedes memory And all that comes with unwarranted Self-deprecation. * In the bright days it breathes easier, Near lost in those days of foreign Feeling ice lands, where sparkles... Continue Reading →

Secret Rituals – a poem

Secret rituals performed without anaesthetic A call of hive minds and voices before any Semblance in calmness may be made amidst more Than the human mind mayst contain, less Lost than we might dream of or want for. *

Proselytizer – a poem

Proselytizer of hypocrisy, calling For acceptance and peace, calmness Between all peoples and creeds, Horror rearing an ugly head in place When the foreign enters this mix Abhorrent. * The calls of so many have an effect To numb the true spirit, to deaden The minds of most kept from light, Suffering silently in darkness... Continue Reading →

Speech Virus – a poem

Patterns of speech, exact intonation Recorded in memetic moments perpetuate As fragments multiplying, spreading, The virus grows, replicates itself on To occupy new hosts, old bodies now Who will grow into being as symbiotic Entities made ancient instead of young. *

Bro Affections – a poem

Familial moments shared in alike mind Give rise to deeper connections, depth From old days, older thoughts, ancient Memories which are yet so young, so very Heavy, weighted and significant, ready To at long last be cast awry aside. * The expressions resulting from dank Years of repression born of oppression Take too long for... Continue Reading →

Worthy – a poem

To recognise our own self worth Is the challenge of all lives To be lived under such an aegis As can divide minds from purpose Which one would hope is clear.

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