The Alchemist – a vaping journey



Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet to be a part of my various journeys. This one is in the sphere of vaping. Along with making my own wire and coils I have begun to mix my own juice. Both are learning processes, helping to provide some zen moments for me. Making things with your hands is very rewarding.

Honestly, I am not that concerned about the vape experience as much but, rather, having fun in making the materials myself.

I’ve just been doing casual mixes for myself and a friend. Grape Soda, Strawberry, Blood Orange and Banana. A test recipe of the first three blew me away when I tried it; for this new recipe I lowered the Grape Soda and added the Banana. My friend loves it, which is the highest accolade I feel like I could have right now. I also made the coil he’s vaping on. It’s a great feeling. (:

Thank you for reading.



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