Ohms – a poem

The ohms have measured out low, low, low,

We cannot operate at this level for long,

Super heat and airflow required, the wraps

Inadequate to ramp-up compared to wattage

Pushed through, high voltage claims needed

For performance close to high octane capacity.


Elegy of Agony – a poem

Dreams of single dots, recollection

Broken by the haze of awakening, song

Of the broken man wails within, from

A thousand tiny points, each and every

One poured down lines bled dry and sore.


The many become conjoined, compounded,

Synergy roiling in tumult confounding

To experience, those dreams rare types

That try to the song of agony break

In their wayward mazy motions lazy.

That Which Chains – a poem


That which chains us in this maze

Lies untold, unbared, in the dark,

Secrets shared unspoken and non-

Ultimate as constructs, strict only

Within recognition of no more than

The links that bind, invisible.


To defy, to turn from the hands

That once fed, later held back,

Is the goal confused, subsumed

Slowly in feeling, tactile motions

Moving one from the maze outward

Into the- back -arching spaces beyond.


Electronic Assurances – a poem

Assurances on electronic paper

Reassure no-one without backing,

The tenuous chain between two

Holds as per effort expended,

Willingness to bend and to be.


Unfolding to witness cat’s eyes

Within lashes luscious long framing

More than electronic moments make

Suggestible or possible, dreams

Shared and in scents recognised.


Reality obscures fantasy in the now,

Our imaginings bare things in the dark,

Awoken to new life and contentment

In morning murmurs, evening whispers;

A tale told in no audible language.