When the Smiles Fall – a poem


What are we when…?

Smiles are fallen in grass, irretrievable

Moments of happiness forever swallowed

By a world smaller than imagining, herds

Of insects and a universe of microbes

Keep our frozen mirth now morbid kin.


The gaudy baubles are all fallen

For the evening, merriment made

Without considering end or beginning,

A whirlwind settled, the debris down

In this time, when we question all.


They are not with me in my loneliness

Nor can they be, nor I with them;

The majesty of oak trees know more

Than most others can draw upon

Of this state, disassociative mind.


Truths of one do not hold for every

Spirit facing such turns, blank

Moments mirror the grandeur reflective

Of secrets kept, buried, leaking vitriol

Into the wished for clear air, acrid

Ozone burn scents upwards wafting…


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