Born Again – a poem


Cloudless grins that face maniacal

Down from a solid silver sky,

Steam of crystalline metals rising

As it boils from oceans and beds,

From lakes as yet unnamed by man.

Unseen, unknown, the nearest star lights

This little known world, green glow

Binary twins bake this land,

Silver sky slices hotly slavering

As the liquid crystal metal bodies bubble.


Up, up rise those fumes of alive funk

To that cloudless stratosphere, less calm

To contain clouds come at long last,

Runaway gradehouse effects blaze

Trials bitter alkaline, post planet storm



The pressure mounts, tectonic lack

Forcing the explosions, flame spirals

In jets spaceward jubilant to be free,

Molten crust smoothing all cracks,

Born again baby under green twin stars



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