King of Worlds – a poem


An impossible Hadley Cell flyover,

Equatorial crossover skytop ride, skimming

The cloud tops synaptic pattern rich

With storm song riding on cyclones full

Of orange ammonia, helium poor hydrogen



Juno, soar, radiation abhorrent, proof,

Soon worn out, laser headlights measure

Most, not all, never all, the tops

Of those clouds, so full, dense population

Breaking up, complexity, heat, dendrite



Spark, magnetic resonance microwave sensor

Knows the superstates of pressure, compound

Types, ice forms enigmatic states liquid metal

Blend, blur, swirling hot, fields wide roar

Through the ionosphere, far out, further



King of Worlds, wearing a polar crown

Fractured in awed shock like no other

Life torn from conceptions kept openly

In clean lined dreams of space ideals,

A world set apart, secret sun cousin,



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