Secrets of Sand – a poem


What god lives to hear these prayers?

I wist for some eyes to down stare,

To witness bear and know the wants

Winding wayward of a people too lost

 For most lands to be occupied by.


This lady of ultimate desolation breathes

The words of the deserted waste, dry

Scapes roll undulating in dunes that

Slope gradual and gaudy orange red

Hiding wonders beneath the sand.

Colossus – a poem


Brokenly grinning, the old colossi

Lie in their fractured patterns

Of silent watching, torn from

The people that saw them made

In ages past where dwelt hope.


The lands around lie thunderstruck

To see this city rise once more,

An epilogue apparently, come again

To make curious the minds of all

Who see, wonder, colossal interest.


Gouged and cracked, storm weathered

In the dank forestry, the colossi see

More than we may know, dreamscape reels

To hear the dark call thought of

As a thing of days past, burning out.


Peals cry out, far ringing storm

Of sound as the faithful gather

Around this unhallowed place

Deeply attracted by the scents

Of my darkness filling this land.