The Valley Final Part – To Drink in Colourlessness – a poem series



Crisp broke the rich, hard flesh against my teeth,

Gorgeous sugary pulp beneath that ruby skin

Breaking in beauteous sensation as I chewed,

Eyes rolling back in my head for the pleasure brewed

By the opiate flowers and fruit of this valley,

The deal finally made.


Now I walk with my flock, shepherding them from here

To there, all abouts, writing my poetry and singing

Loud and in far places to all who will hear of that place,

The secretly kept valley to be found in hills everywhere,

If one has only a guide, and the will to reach there.


The valley procured me in trade for pain as a prophet,

And I demurred only barely, willing to accept

What was offered to me with barely a pause,

Happy to enter into the dark covenant which has served

My spirit so well, and although I must return ever and anon,

I worry not.


Even my shadow is terrified of the dark

Within me nowadays, and I wonder not for

The understanding and peace I have gained,

Dispelled by that opiate bittersweet colourless,

My ruby fruit broken hesitation to embrace the darkness.


Let the dark in, and let me tell you

Of a place where the sunshine on green hills

And red fruit is the least of all wonders to behold,

Where dreams and desires may all be realised,

If you will let me tell you of the valley

Of colourless dreams.


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