The Wolf’s Lair pt 4 – a poem


Laser arrays sprayed about the dank forests,

Wolves highlighted in those red beams,

Headlights spotting killer canines roving,

A warlord’s evil dreams made flesh, realised

For the destruction of many, born in beauty.


When the evil had died those bunkers stood

On, mute standards of death hidden, camouflaged

From sight, and later on in crept the vines,

Seeking purchase in cracks, crags, and nooks,

Infesting the old pestilence with new, green life.


Later the wolves spread further, long after

The centuries had quenched the malignity

Lingering, their padded paws soft on concrete

As they roamed at will, harbingers of new secrets

To be discovered within the forested lair.


Surprisingly non-threatening, all curious

Eyes, burning yellow, gold, red, so human-like,

Cunning with canine instincts, mysterious hunters

Seeking the lay of the land now that threats

Are gone from their homeland, free again.


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