The Mesmeric Trap – a poem

*** an homage to Clark Ashton Smith’s, The Hunters from Beyond ***


Sweetly the strains of sleep enmesh her,

Enshrouded by rest too long needed, for

Those daily trials as model exhaust even

The strongest constitutions, devil doors

Opened by the depicting sculptor’s hellborne

Art so trouble her.


When most is at risk is when the worst occurs,

Surprises when safety is paramount, recurring

Moments that shift from heaven to hell about her,

Chance encounter of a grinning face teeth filled,

Too sharp staring back from the windowsill, a horror

For our awakening model without comparable



As if by some grand dimensional whirligig, she stares,

Transfixed in terror, as the shift occurs, manifest

In bleeding walls melting behind that icon of iniquity, teeth

A terrible mouth wall of needle shine before

That abyssal scene which stretches as far back

As time dizzily yawning beneath a corrupt alien star.


Scenes of sorrow and sky reaching devilry are revealed

As she sits up in bed, beholden to that dank vision,

Torture of spirit, demonic Babel spires strike firestorm

Laden sky, and our model whimpers as the bed tilts,

As if at beckoning behest of the grinning demon’s talons,

With death dark eye orbs of mesmerism arrhythmic.


The bed tilts downward, terror rises rapid in her

As the viewpoint past the demon grows wider,

Far past than what her hellish modelling can allow for,

That pygmy horror creature calling, calling,

The bed further tilting, tilting, tilting…;

And now she asks…  “how can I resist such a horrible



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