Gdansk Day I – a holiday


With Inner Circle friends in Gdansk, Poland, we take off our masks. People ask what we’re doing in Gdansk…being ourselves is the answer.

Oh! And art experiments. Videos, photos, blog work, joint projects between us all. Some interesting things are coming…




Cruel Blazing – a poem

Summer heat blazing cruelly counts

Equable to those bitch cold winters,

Too many (to want) to name for favours

Suggested or offered, memory of sting,

The burning cold hardly distinct from

That benumbed chill blazing.

Driving Will – a poem



Trained to trap, to snatch:

What lightning can be saved?

From the dendrite blooming

Consciousness streams,

Bottled in what lies closest

To the brain banks,

Frothing, crackling, synapse-like,

A life’s work and effort, the risk

Of madness taken each day, every

Moment, to dive into that primordial place,

Just for a singular chance,

Success the least concerning bit

In the back of the mind.

Resigned to Mania – a poem


Idiosyncracies of illimitable difficulties
Creep in at too many points, palpitating
Along tiny cracks inside the environs,
Not just a medley as unblended extremely
Existing as separate points building
To manic reactions replete within their
How easily it slides from one other where,
Those realms of nervous insubordination
Lacking the finesse of calmer framed days
As it all crowds in, asking for more, more,
More than can be given, granted, thought of,
Lest those hollows of smouldering eyes shock