Pt 1 – A Treatise on Pain – various observances and obsessions

21st April 17 16 23
Therapy was good yet difficult. We dive deeper and it is similar to having a series of massages. With further sessions you are able to go deeper into the muscle tissue and they start to really loosen up. It feels much the same as with therapy, and I described it in the first instance like reopening old Scars, and it is like that but the more sessions I have the more it accelerates. It’s a gradual progress and parts of it were locked up for a great length of time.

I can almost kind of feel the scars being made again, but of course I wasn’t self harming then so… um… I can feel the build up because I started cutting after school in college, so is like it was like a reaction after all that had happened in those five years. Soon we’ll arrive at one of the points where I examine when I first started making the scars.

 I will be feeling them reopen, perhaps, as more memories are brought forth from the dank murk.

Such is the mercurial nature of pain.


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