Parallel Lives – a poem

Bear witness to this, god forever

Burning in your sky cradle, crucible

Of space which illumines the lake

Surface, yet illuminates never ‘neath

Those still waters, so dark, so



What could have been, I wonder?

What morbid obsessions and collections

Would have burgeoned too far beyond

The pale comparisons of most minds

To reach too far into insidious



Small morbidities, minor moments in quiet

Innocence with wide eyes and open minds,

The tactile sense of textures, olfactory

Incursions borne on backs harshly blackened

By the jelly burning fire of the



Pale king of reptiles, harbinger of stark,

Lying morality, please dream on and rise not

From the dank realms of emotional dark,

Where you mayst open an eye and gaze out

On these places and faces of objects



Momentous choices badly made, pressures pulse

From about, within, nurture’s nature sold

Into slavery, god murdered by technology

For the satisfaction of solipsistic depravity;

Let loose by nuances of children knowing



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