The Valley – Promise in Red – a poem

Yesssss my friends.

Have no fear, I have not forgotten about this poem series.

The Valley of Colourless Secrets is indeed a full narrative poem series, and there are another 2 or 3 to go. All typed up, they just require a quick edit and some artwork to be done. I have been enjoying taking photos and editing them, not only for this blog but for…other projects, as well.

😉 Oh my. What other projects?

In time.

For now, enjoy this latest offering.


The Valley – A Promise in Red


Within the sphere of bittersweet influence,

I wandered about the strange valley, wondering

In marvel made fresh for the brightness of flowers,

Grass, scents as of the finest perfumer could make,

Darkly bright on the tongue, as none could or would

Dare fake.


Gold shone down the sun as I wandered, seeing

All that I could, flock and poetry forgotten,

Touching naught just yet, marvelling with eyes

Wide for the sights of groves filled with bright

Red hanging trumpets, fruit large as a fist,

Black and almost missed.


Elsewhere I spied trees like gnarled people,

Hunched low to the ground, arms upraised

And fruit of all kinds, every one shining

With vitality aspiring to eye catching

Beauty of the kind only Belladona



I saw the fruit which at last would break

My resolve to touch, to taste, to try

Anything within that verdant and subtly horrible

Valley; ruby red and amongst its siblings,

An apple more ruby than red, flesh sharp looking,

Fairytale shaded.


Since putting a name to the pain, validating it

I had lost most taste and discovered apple flesh

To be a tasty charm not yet diminished by agony,

So when I spied this specimen I reached straight

Away, without thought or fear, to pluck it

And bite.


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