Topaz Demon – a rough poem

Lost and alone among the dusty dunes,

Torn from the prison abode far beyond

The worlds of waking men, inquisitors

All and harbingers of the handsome come

Total extradition.


Across those yawning wastes I saw spark

Bright, far away and foreign lights flaring

Like a devil star awoke ‘neath the earth

Ever seeking a sore sight to witness bear

Unlike others.


As a fly trapped in amber, darkly dreams on

The demon imprisoned in a greater than thimble

Size spectral prison, an entire city of clear

Stone builded up from desert, sand and bones;

Witness screams.


Promised secrets, whispered intimations

Of knowledge forbid in days dead gone,

Sweeter than honey, stories of spells

With wizards gone to grave, the dry

Daemonical chuckle.


Fragments of a dream wend strange wild

Within hazy morn recallings, troubled

By remembrances of scenes bizarre,

Spectral and devilishly spiralling

Darkly heavenward.


The demon dire tries with wondrous lights

To beguile across the dry wastes strangers,

Travellers, lost fugitives and horrors,

To draw them in, lure as sad sin singing;

Rotten honey…


The demon who lies trapped within lightning

Flaring wide and far as horizon’s reach can

Extend over hill and hollow, a sight for

Lost souls to obsess over, to ogle and dream;

Oasis streams.


City of flickering ‘lectricity, sing on, if only

Twere that I could come safely again, or

Build a simulacrum in topaz current shocking,

Impossibility waiting at horizon’s end, feigned

As salvation.


Silent sings the demon midst his halls

Of black ice like stoned, imprisoned, kept

As a sentinel warning, adept as trigger,

Mad bewaring desert dark dream chime

Spires of gleaming yellow lit stone strike high,

Better as a memory.


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