Choice/Response Curve – a poem

If all the choices we may make

Will be the wrong ones made,

Then why should we not live

As we wish? Choices chosen in duress.


Rationality superimposed retroactively

Upon decisions made in different times

Is ever a hard and harsh reality

To be the bearer of, & know truly.


Questions infantile by nature paraded

Like undying relics of forcefully forgot

Days filled with freedom’s lack & worry,

Now ignored, boundaries kept & defined.


Chance developments show stories

By brutal & yet soft touchstone

Comparison wherein minor seems major,

The mountains are but little hills.


So what choices are right, with perspective?

The pall of poisoned veils appals with vitriol,

Rationality bleeds out of drawn eyes,

Shaded against suns going cold, dying,

No longer gold or glowing, a vanished god.


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