Delicious Azure – a poem

Unannounced, the silvery azure shines wan light

Down on a sleeper without call or care,

Who has known no unconscious transition, ineffable

Passing from wakefulness to pseudo-death evanescent.


The secret advances of night demons

Bay beneath the silver letting windows,

Unheard for sleepers slumbering softly…

Until they are awaked, deliciously aroused.


Yet the demons tarry not and take off

When the sleeper rises from his dreaming sojourn,

Those creatures diabolical vanished as the moon

When a wayward cloud plume scuds in front.


What of all the secret worlds we never know?

When shall a flicker our attention catch?

If ever, mayhaps, or again never to us trouble

Either way, this sleeper to slumber returns, bathed in delicious azure.

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