Nameless Priest – a poem

I am a nameless priest of dead gods,

Deities with forgotten names, erased

From man’s busy history, disavowed

By those of fickle considering worship.


Mysteries of the bardo are now minor,

An afterthought following sought for avarice,

Those dreams of multitudinous commonality

Realised in sameness and droll banality.


Let us escape, hail once more gods

With names lost to modern tongues,

Draw on manna long musing, entropy-ward trickling,

Become the new gods, the disparate and disowned become deified.


2 thoughts on “Nameless Priest – a poem

    • 😀
      All from a phrase that was turning around in my head yesterday…but had nowhere to go.

      Thank you for being a wonderful part of it.


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