Colour of Madness – a poem

Dilemmas in facing forward and falling

Backward, tipped over edges barely known

Till one falls far over, trips, tumbling

Into abysses disavowed by the right gods,



The evil of trivialising great deeds,

Casual reticence and usual humdrum,

That wonder in worrisome minds mild

Mauve peeking from behind bollards



A hue of no nameable shade, you are

The colour of my madness, noir bitter

And near colourless, putrid vodka burned,

Danker than ever need be, yet rare dank



Wake me, a tongue laced with poppy latex,

The kiss of death and numbness, eros abandoned

While thanatos runs rampant, a’roam for

Wants and always a’wont to be death itself,



Dreams cannot tell any parts of your story,

Gifts given in grave days scratch surfaces

Sorrowful with decades old weights, heavy

Creatures singing of my madness inside, let



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