Equality in Agony – a poem

​photo artist: hardyyy

The infection has spread, invisible creep

Parallel with insidious elixirs heavy

Prepared in alembics rot shiny, bubbled

Through with Lethean features, evolved

Over years long with wishful forgetting

For the nature of casual horrors soughing

Along routes and branches corrupt in twists

Of synapses a’sparkle from fires dully formed;


Where we think without savage trees poisoned

By distance crushing like coal over time

With the immense weight of years defining

Vitriolic cosmic wonders wandering wary

In case they should see sodden sights

From eyes drawn, tired, drained of dire duty

To see through veils vaulted over torn

Expectations in speech soul weary accepted;


Foreign bodies brazen bear no additions

Without accents added to any affectations

And those voices call from outside, only

Asking for response in agony and androgyny

For such singing sorrow acknowledges gender nay

Nor asks for a different view, equality awfully

Treating us all the same in barely relieved by

Opiates misery miserly, our travails so totally.


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