Twinkle Dark Star – a poem

My loveless child, my dark star,

How I have cherished you above all

Dark sun, black star rising highly

In a sky bright as bright may be,

This obscenely booming orb swells

With weight of no mass, flashpoint

Retina burn, so black that light dies

To be near such coruscating dankness.


Dark sun, oh my trouble child, succour

Never possible to grant you, despite

All that I try, yet nurture is torture

To keep you soft instead of horror

Roaring through each nerve, sharp throb

Along white phosphorous thrum burning

Muscles tensed in slow agony sodden smiles,

A paradigm of paradox, dichotomy realised.


Oh! My troubled child of unbidden horror,

Dreams, desires, dire hopes, all yours,

All your own and more, force of will

Defined by flower shapes drawn by soul

Telemetry, madness swarmed in old song,

The filed teeth pulled from dead devils

For smokable stories by dark sunlight,

My trouble child, cherished, without fright.


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