Sadness and Madness – a poem

Hot coffee sets aside the cold,

Those lonely figures in the rain

Standing for a while, waiting,

Caught within some interstice

Invisible and visible, stored



Cheeks resting on the cool glass,

Smiley faces slit in calm visages,

Memories of most unhappened minds…

Far realised, foreign bodies found

On the roadside with eyes drawn,



Fair despite the inner fire,

The curse of sable musings maudlin,

How close one stands upon that yawning brink,

Eminence crested, exalt to dismay,

Rolling chasm yaws, long gullet, single



The fathomless realms of chaos

Which lie like routes rare taken

Are yet so oft too real for hope

Wishing in fervour elsewise sullen

Sore, that tip, tiny push a trip,



Songs of madness and sadness sung…



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