The Valley – Event Horizon – a poem


Though shone down bright that godly sun

Between the valley cliffs, I saw mine shadow

Seem to rescind, become smaller, less distinct

And I felt troubled on entering that secret

Hill country though why I could have said not.


A life born with pain present in every fibre

Of body, mind and soul cannot know for comparing

To another is not possible without long years

Lived in trying to the impossible accomplish,

Yet found I the crux, and drew the name of pain

To me.


A lifelong search realised in a single word

Which sums up all, a synergistic term said

Almost breathless, just capable of capturing

What crawls under the skin, sets afire flesh,

Carves those deep triangular hollows beneath

My eyes.


Once known I could never go back, nor wished

To down that dark road travel, tending instead

To my flock and poetry, writing amidst hills

Verdant as the animals grazed, wondering whereat

The years of pain left to me, how terrible and



Well meaning, my family could not comprehend

The compounded effects of all that pain

And the lines it had traced deep into my face,

With many more to come, though my life is for living

Without censure for lack of understanding, however

Well meaning.


Those I met upon the street, casual acquaintances

And so on, would never be able to grasp, to encircle

With their society addled and dependant minds

The long, dire effects of agony in my mere existence,

So I cut off attempts at relating it, leaving them

To misunderstanding…


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