The Valley – An Offer Made – a poem


Melancholy, maudlin and merry brought

Are the mirror’d reflections as I muse

Upon the darkness illimitable residing

Within this slender frame, the calm surface

Reflected back at me, a lie told calmly.


Nothing but health is shown, clean, bright,

Hale self-assuredness, yet assured only

Is the darkness living within, not

A cancer or some entity cacodaemoniacal

Yet rather just my nature, rarely fathomable.


Little known, barely by others understood too oft,

Was it little wonder that I drifted away

And left my flock a’grazing and went forth

To that secret place, drawn in by sweet

Scents of opiate bliss? Of course I went.


Others had been drawn to that special valley

Yet why was I offered such a prized deal apart?

I was like no other they had ever seen

Or will ever see, so they whispered soft

To me, over the soft sibilant soughing of bitter bliss.


Embrace the darkness had become my mantra

Once I partook of those dangerous delights,

Deathly to many, a prison to more, horror

To still many others, and I bothered much

Before, and now clearly I see clarity, balance.


Those flowers, though they mayst be fulsome,

Winsome, bright… all kinds, not just hanging

Ruby Devil trumpets but yellow, hungry mouths open

For Ra’s sunlight, spiked obsidian leaves, so shiny…

The dreams they all bring are opiate shaded,


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