Equality in Agony – a poem

​photo artist: hardyyy The infection has spread, invisible creep Parallel with insidious elixirs heavy Prepared in alembics rot shiny, bubbled Through with Lethean features, evolved Over years long with wishful forgetting For the nature of casual horrors soughing Along routes and branches corrupt in twists Of synapses a'sparkle from fires dully formed; * Where we... Continue Reading →


Twinkle Dark Star – a poem

My loveless child, my dark star, How I have cherished you above all Dark sun, black star rising highly In a sky bright as bright may be, This obscenely booming orb swells With weight of no mass, flashpoint Retina burn, so black that light dies To be near such coruscating dankness.  * Dark sun, oh... Continue Reading →

If Razors Could Talk – a poem

We reap what we sow, seeds left to sprout, Pre-destined dire dreams loom, shock doubt, Those unclean towers humbly piled, soar With darkly grasping fingers for ceilings Sorrowful from these wondering eyes of Wisdom.  * For a surplus of pain seeds may be had, Scattered, planted, flowers to grow From soil fertile in sadness, growth... Continue Reading →

Empty Courts – a poem

A queen's court such as Bathsheba Or even Amaranthe, before the former Was deposed, replaced, and the second Forced to flee, abandonment a hard reality.   Eternal devolution of mirror aversion And those boot steps which echo hollow About those emptied halls of eternal eld, Blessed prayer bells silent, fading frail majesty.

Sadness and Madness – a poem

Hot coffee sets aside the cold, Those lonely figures in the rain Standing for a while, waiting, Caught within some interstice Invisible and visible, stored Aside.   Cheeks resting on the cool glass, Smiley faces slit in calm visages, Memories of most unhappened minds... Far realised, foreign bodies found On the roadside with eyes drawn,... Continue Reading →

Secrets of Devilsong – a poem

  Secret lives lived in the arcane dark, Roads untravelled by most but rode By many yet less than the multitude Can be more real than the external, Secret these stories, holy covenants Kept by palms sliced and over cauldrons Held for the smoke to seal and flame, Within burning flames of dreams To make... Continue Reading →

Scapes of Forgotten Dreams – a poem

Dominions such as we might never imagine Those shadowy lands never recalled Dreamscapes without parallel, hard drawn Memory fails for all attempts at grasping Straws have held bare better intimations Fountains of fire from Io last longer.  * Fragments formed from mountain quartz Glitter brighter than those which store The dreams forgotten from days of... Continue Reading →

Sensational Musing – a poem

That unexpected sensation... The rip and tear of tendon, Twang and snap, nerves sing Off key and unsettled, dysphoric.  * Twin suns alight from vacuum A burning coronal ejection Ever larger than physical single spheres Of action contained, free to develop, morbid ascension.  * Confined to boundaries only A conflagration duly, badly contained Barely stored... Continue Reading →

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