Shades of Sunlight – a poem

The watery light brightens, after

Having faded for too long a time,

A poem writ in the lilting change

Of seasons and time come circling

Along the lunar month divided tides.


Soon shall be lifted that pall

Spoken of as Grey Heaven, dry

Whispers, all moulten, stripped

Bare and filled with light, gold

And yellow, newly born again.


Golden brown coming down, a pour

Of sun and newly bright sight,

Yet the coming of the light may

Mean little for what roams on still,

Stabbing, burning, shooting, pulse.


What voice might ask the road

Without lips to shape the words?

What sensations or expectations wring

Out the tired responses, old

Refrains heard without sympathy felt.


What should matter falls by the side

For what matters NOW, the change

Over from what is to what was,

The push and pull, ebb and tide

Of internal pressures, pulsing besides.


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