Dire Risk for Mad Reward – a poem

Daring to hope is a dangerous game,

The danger of wondering, of dreams

That seek for hope to succeed, to

Bloom in fulsome expectations,



Tired of the wonder, tired of all

The questions, internal, well meaning

External queries fair lost in mood

And swamped by storms of self,



Lightning formed fault-lines lie fragile

Under one’s psyche, strong in dire

Contrast to the world above, without,

A psychic tragedy waiting to come out,



Chaotic lies the face of the deep,

Self-doubt and tangles of turnabout

Mind games teasing itself, torn

From the pages of old books,



Do you dare to hope, to dream?

What wonders might be, to be seen?

Head out, ignore the unowned mind,

Risk it all on a maniacal ego-death trip,



p.s. – hope you like it, GG  =P


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